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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stove craziness :)

Today we are still working on the final bill of materials and trying to get everything ordered.  Last night we were up until well past midnight recalculating the number of bricks we need because we were told that are a different size!

Yesterday afternoon we bought a lot of the tools we will need to build the stoves, as the community members don't have any tools.

We now have the bill of materials finalized and it is a busy time calling suppliers. As I would expect it is a non trivial matter to get all the supplies for 89 stoves to a remote community. Sometimes the shipping is more then the cost of goods.

I have had a gut issue for the past few days, but Grapefruit seed extract fixed it !  I am happy for natural cures to bad gut bugs.

It took me 4 tries to get a new cell phone SIM card (cell phone service is a monopoly, owned by the richest guy in the world).  The first time we went to TelCel they said they didn't have any SIM cards and come back in a hour of so,  We went back but no SIM's, We almost went through the same thing today. Trip 1 on card, trip 2, they have the card and it took 5 minutes to get it and get the phone working!!  Customer service doesn't matter!

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