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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On August 8th the Art Institute of Seattle designed a new logo. This logo is much bolder and will print much easier on many different mediums.

New Web Site Design partnership

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Art Institute of Seattle. Under the direction of Professor Anita Griffin, per summer class in electronic design is designing a new website and logo for us.

Federal nonprofit status, 501(c)-3 Under A WISH

We received our federal nonprofit status by joining the umbrella organization A World Institute for Sustainable Humanity (AWISH). This agreement allows us to operate as a federally recognized nonprofit. Awish is a local organization whose fundamental mission is to provide a space as an incubator for nonprofits working in sustainability and humanitarian efforts throughout the world.

Full suite of Board Members

We have now assembled a full suite of Board members and advisers to guide us. We would like to welcome the following members to our Board and advisory Council:

Board Members

Brian C. Setzler, CPA, MBA - Accounting and Finance

James Fox, Ph.D. Founder - Custom, Pure The Water Store

Hector Seaz, Ph.D. Professor - Western Washington University, Political Economics

Jeannette Diaz-Laplante, Ph.D. Professor - Saybrook Graduate School, University of Phoenix, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Social Justice, Community Development, Research Methodology and Sustainability

Susan Bolton, Ph.D. Professor - University of Washington, Forest Resources Adj. Prof., Civil & Environmental Eng. and School of Fisheries, Center for Water & Watershed Studies, Advisor; Engineers Without Boarders.

April Atwood, Ph.D. Professor - University of Washington, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Marketing

Craig Nakagawa, MBA Village Reach - Director of Social Enterprise


Gifford Pinchot III Founder - Bainbridge Graduate Institute

David Green - Ashoka Fellow

Paul Hudnut, Ph.D., J.D. Professor - Colorado State University & Bainbridge Graduate Institute Professor, Entrepreneurship, Founder – Enviorfit

Jim Poss, MBA Professor - BGI, Entrepreneurship, Founder - BigBelly Solar

Richard Watkins, J.D. Non-profit legal

Sabrina Watkins, MBA - Strategy, Organizational Intelligence

David Stewart Ph.D - P.E. Stewart Engineering Denver, CO - Water treatment systems

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to Water For Humans

Water for Humans received its state level nonprofit incorporation status. In early June we applied and received our state and city licenses to legally operate in the state of Washington as a nonprofit corporation.