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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Support our Year end campaign


Consider making a year-end, tax deductible donation to Water for Humans to help provide water and sanitation to five remote, rural villages in the northern mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Water for Humans is working with THE HUNGER PROJECT (THP) in Mexico, which completed a yearlong process of developing community plans for each of the villages. Their top priorities are improving their water and sanitation conditions. We are providing technical expertise to complement excellent social work THP does to empower community members. 

During the dry season (Dec - March), villagers hike up to five hours a day (both ways) through mountainous, treacherous terrain to obtain water. For sanitation, they now use shallow pit toilets which risk ground water contamination and the spread of disease vectors. 

Roof-Rainwater HarvestingDry LatrineOur solutions include household rainwater harvesting, agricultural rainwater harvesting, water filtration (for drinking) and composting (dry) latrines. 

Your contribution today will benefit the residents of Cerro Alto, Cerro de Trueno, Piedra de la Luz, Rancho Pineda and Rancho Genova by bringing water and better sanitation to these villages. 

Cook StovePlease meet Maria Tejeda Garcia from Cerro Alto. She hikes over 1.5 hours in each direction to get her daily water during the dry season. She cooks on an open fire (three stone) and has a substandard latrine. 

Your donation will help Maria upgrade these outdated systems. 

  • Your gift of $60 will provide the conveyance (gutters and downspout) & first flush filter for a household rainwater harvesting system;

  • Your gift of $40 will provide a slow, biosand filter to purify the water for drinking;

  • Your gift of $350 will provide a complete dry latrine;

  • Your gift of $225 will provide a high efficiency long life clean cook stove.

You can make it happen with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Online donation system by ClickandPledge 
The villagers are looking to you to help with $40, $60, $225 or $350 by clicking here Donate Now. It's that easy.

Will you help us get to the next stage of this important project? We hope your answer is 'yes' and say MUCHAS GRACIAS!

Rick and Stan

We hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays.

To learn more about Water for Humans and our work in Oaxaca please visit our website:www.waterforhumans.org and check our Blog. Remember to "like us" on Facebook