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Thursday, December 15, 2011

With roadblocks settlers claimed water

'2011-12-15 '
With roadblocks settlers claimed water
Ivan Castellanos

The protesters closed Crespo cruise and Allende. Photos: Taurine

[8:01] Inhabitants of the colony Monte Albán blocked access to the Direct Administration of Public Works and Water Services and Sewerage of the City of Oaxaca (Adosapaco) and closed the crossing on Crespo street and Allende, to require restore the water service was suspended them for over two months.

Miguel Angel Vazquez Carmona, treasurer of Life Committee Neighborhood (live together), reported that dependency is not received by sending payment receipts, including rate hikes, which they consider an abuse.
Adosapaco demanded to replace potable water service in this settlement, because more than two months do not receive liquid promptly charge them and their families are suffering the consequences. He said to try to resolve the conflict pipes to send them that people can collect water and cover your needs, but this measure is insufficient for the settlers. He replied that there are more than 5 000 inhabitants of this colony is one of the largest in the city, and should have some kind of priority it is that it generates more income to this agency also raised the price of quotas. He said they indicated that the two wells that supplied the area had collapsed, but they knew that new subdivisions were connected to the lines Sets by one of these wells, although it was exclusive to the colony.

"We want a quick response and demand the reinstatement of the Services so that it arrives by pipeline, but it is insufficient because there is no coordination with the Comviva of this colony," he said. He complained that despite not having the service, they still charge for providing receipts and send them without any discount, and they only occasionally lowered seven pesos, considered a joke. However, he said that the situation remains unchanged and have not had satisfactory answers to their demands even though they have acted properly and through legal channels to seek prompt attention. He said the despair and fell upon the settlers, so they decided to make this protest, because they do not know what else to do to address them.
In the absence Adosapaco care, said they are willing to go to the end, as this service is basic to any human settlement.

Closed colony inhabitants of Monte Albán Crespo Street, require water

By fhernandez on December 14, 2011 - 09:51.
Newspaper News
About 100 residents of Monte Alban colony, headed by the treasurer of the settlement, Miguel Ángel Vásquez closed since this morning Crespo Street at its intersection with Allende.
This, to demand the reconnection of water, because for two months without water service.

The protesters detailed that the direct administration of Works and Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage of the City of Oaxaca (ADOSAPACO), informed them that the wells one and two are insufficient and "throne", so I can not send water.

However, they noted that "rumors" that new subdivisions are connected to the network, hence the fluid is insufficient.

They noted that although the Administration has sent water pipes, it is not enough for everyone, due to road conditions prevent the liquid reaches the people, with a total of five thousand people affected.
With information from Olivia Hernández