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Friday, June 14, 2013

Operations and planning for building 89 new clean cookstoves

Working hard to come up with a bill of materials for 89 cookstoves! 

The list has to include all the tools and disposable items! IE we have to assume that the family)s) have no supplies, or tools that are needed to build the stove. This no easy task!

The list includes items like duct tape, masking tape, cement mixing trays, hammers, tin snips rubber gloves... 

The challenge is to estimate how many of the building supplies can be shared.  In three of the communities 4-5 stoves will be built at the same time, however in one community 10 will be build together at once, so sharing tools becomes more difficult.  And everything has to be ordered and shipped in as the local suppliers can not handle the large quantities for this building project.

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