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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pilot program with The HUNGER PROJECT- Mexico

I am happy to announce that we will be spending late January most of February 2013 in the remote mountains of Oaxaca working with the Hunger Project-Mexico on the first implementation in the San Jose Tenengo region.  This pilot is our first implementation in this remote region.  Last summer Rick spend several weeks performing a site visit there and we have been working on the implementation proposal ever since.

This pilot will be in the community of Pedra De Luz (a community near the road), but is still a 2 hour dirt road drive from San Jose Tenango.  In Pedra Da Luz we will be building  a 20,000 liter rain harvesting system, composting latrine and clean cook stove in three different houses.

This pilot is the first of a large scale project (5,000-10,000) homes!

Because of the access issues (some communities are 2+ honor hike from a road) we have had to redesign all of our systems to accommodate the access issues.  This pilot will test these new system and feasibility for the more building them in the more remote communities.

San Jose Trenango has only one phone line and no cell service, and the communities don't have any communication (phone, radio), thus, we will have a satellite phone.  This is just a long way to say once we are in the field we are "unplugged".

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