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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New improved cook stove ready for the Hunger Project

For the past month I have been working on improving our design of our high efficiency clean cook stove.  The modification process has been many steps of trial and some success method :)

On the upside the new stove will boil 5 liters of water in about 11-15 minutes on about 500gm of wood, and the second pot (5 liters) gets to about 120F.  When you compare this to the typical 3-stone fire this is a vast improvement.  A 3-stone fire take 45+ minutes to boil 5 liters of water! In a 45 minute simmer test the new stove only consumes about 300 gm of wood.

In addition, the stove produces no inside smoke (other than when lighting it).

During our upcoming pilot implementation we will take lots of photos, but they will not be posted until we return to Mexico City because there is no real internet in remote part of Oaxaca.

Please check back for updates over the next month as Rick is going to Geneva Switzerland for a conference then directly to Oaxaca for the Hunger Project work.

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