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Thursday, March 24, 2011

World Water Week-- Update

I hope you all know that this week is World Water Week.  For us the week started off with an event at Chief Sealth High School in West Seattle on Monday Evening.  We had an information table where we met over 50 + new folks interested in our work in Oaxaca. We also had new promotional materials designed by Jeffrey Hostert Graphic Design.  This was followed by a talk by Robert Glennon. Robert spoke about the current state of drinking water here in the US and how we are potentially headed for some challenging times with respect to access to adequate safe water.

Then on Tuesday we again hosted a table at Seattle City Hall.  Again this event was a success in that we met a lot of new faces and we were happy to hear that some of the folks who came to the event already knew about us, but did not know exactly what we are doing. On the upside we had to print up more handouts as we almost ran out by 11am.

We now have a new sticker to help promote our work

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Michael R. Hughes said...

Great to hear what Water for Humans is doing to create greater awareness of the international water crisis. Thanks to this mission-driven organization, people in the greater Seattle area will be motivated to do their part to both bring attention to this issue and help find ways to alleviate it. Thank you Water for Humans for putting this important issue front and center this week!