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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Water for Humans Expands Board of Directors

Water for Humans had a Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, March 24, 2011. Present were the two board members, Rick McKenney and Stan Brown, and the Seattle University law students, Misha Sandusky and Joseph Helt, who are helping us with our IRS 1023 application.

At the Board Meeting, we adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy which includes an annual statement to be signed by each board member. We also expanded the Board of Directors to include our Advisory Board. The following are now members of the Water for Humans Board of Directors:

2 Year Term -

  • April Atwood, PhD

  • Susan Bolton, PhD,PE

  • Brian Setzler, MBA, CPA

  • Tressie Wood, MS, PE

1 Year Term -

  • Stan Brown, MBA

  • James Fox, PhD

  • Rick McKenney, MBA

  • Hector Saez, PhD

The rest of the meeting was spent on the IRS 1023 application. We are on track to submit the application next month. Joseph and Misha, who will graduate in May, have been a tremendous help guiding us through the process.

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