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Monday, February 28, 2011

The new governor of Oaxaca announces a joint agreement with the IADB

Water for Humans has been in contact with the Inter American Development Bank via our connections with the Mexico Federal Ministry of Economy.  Throught our discussions we learned for this joint agreement. The full statement (press release) is several pages long.  This is an excerpt from it.

"In joint press conference with the governor of the state, representative of the I.A.D.B. eri Mexico, Ellis J. Juan, explained that one of the high-priority areas of action of this agreement is to add to the efforts of Latin America and the Caribbean to reduce to the poverty and the inequality,· aiming at a sustainable development and respectful with the climate. In the case of Mexico, he added, he tries himself to support to the states and municipalities in order close a breach of existing economic development. In as much, the vice-president of the sector deprived in the I.A.D.B., Steven J. Puig, indicated that they have worked in Oaxaca and other states, diverse projects, mainly in the matter of infrastructure, that is essential for the competitiveness."

This agreement will help both INSO and WFH implement several larger projects including our black water treatment plant in Santo Domingo Barro Bajo Etla. 


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