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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gabino Cué, the new governor of Oaxaca state in Mexico

Gabino Cué officially took office as the new Governor of Oaxaca on December 1st 2010 (which seems like a long time ago already).  Please see the attached link. This election has come at a critical time for us and INSO as there will be a significant power shift in our favor.  Grabino is committed to sustainable development and is very concerned about water and sanitation in the face of climate change.  He understands the importance or water productivity and some of the potential challenges Oaxaca faces in the coming years. INSO has already held several key meetings with the new ministers, and INSO is working hard to secure a personal meeting with Grabino and several of his ministers. The goal of this upcoming meeting is to help the new government formulate a sustainable strategy for water resources.  We (Water for Humans) and INSO will hopefully be able to help formulate an overarching strategy that will allow us (WFH & INSO) will work closely with the new government and implement many new projects

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