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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Water Situation in Mexico is Devastating and Worrisome

In the current Mexican water situation round table, Jean Robert, an expert on the topic, pointed out that many of the projects implemented by organizations in power come to destroy the natural resources of the zones with rough richness using by utopian ideas that have nothing to do with the reality of the context in which they take place.

He explained, to the public and to the experts with whom he shared the analytical table in “Search for a sustainable life”, that the vital liquid situation in Mexico is getting more devastating and worrisome.

He pointed out that many of these utopian ideas are carried out by those who maintain political, economic and scientific power, who impose mega-projects on communities, greatly affecting the development of those same communities.

For his part, Roberto Romero of the foundation “Gonzalo Río Arronte,” maintained that Mexico needs to clarify points of analysis in its critical water situation.  The culture that the Mexicans, he related, is seen with regard to water use and the integrated management of the basins.  The afore-mentioned should be analyzed with a global vision in which the integration of the inhabitants, the authorities and the private institutions that want to support the emerging projects in the convergence of different sectors of society is dealt with.

The participants agreed on the necessity of starting from projects that take into account the current situation of the natural resources, in addition to the needs of the people, since often the governments don’t have a comprehensive vision for optimizing the natural resources and end up detonating important processes.

Finally, they discussed the need to return to pre-hispanic customs left by earlier cultures.  The alternative water construction, cultivation and storage techniques are taken from ancestral practices that have been forgotten by Mexicans and aren’t being taken advantage of as they could be.

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