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Monday, June 14, 2010

Autonomous Life Conference --Oaxaca

 Water is not a commodity; it is an asset; it is considered sacred, from the ground, from the gods or nature, assured the professor of Morelos University, Jean Robert, a participant in the seminar to rethink the relationship with water.

As part of the meeting for an autonomous life that initiated the investigation Juan Jose dictated the masterly conference.  The tools of autonomous sustainability where he said: They removed from us the water and now pretend to return it as a commodity when water is a good, an asset that does not need to be sold because it is from nature and for those that require it.

He added that the first affected by the transformation of the water to an economic value is the poor.

The problem of the water should be the over exploitation of the aquifers, transference of the waters from another and the desertification stated the investigator.  He considered that one has to look for alternatives before the water crisis that lives in the country and world. He mentioned the Federal District case, where it had the inundation, but it is where the water problem also exists.

The Swiss investigator, a nationalized Mexican, said it is characteristic of the society of that greater the abundance, that greater the scarcity.Jean Robert was collaborator of Ivan Illich—author of a series of criticisms of key instructions of progress of modern culture of 30 years duration and works on water themes, energy, habitation, city and transport.  Actually he develops his reflections in the wheel of material culture.

The meeting for an autonomous life ends April 11th, and in those days in the El Llano Park will have diverse activities and samples that have to strengthen an autonomous life.

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