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Monday, May 17, 2010

The first of many weekly updates

This is a new feature for Water for Humans.

I wish to introduce Michael Hughes.  He is helping us with marketing and writing grant proposals.  He lives in Stanwood and is excited to be part of the team.  Welcome Michael! 

An update on what’s happening in Mexico:  Nelly is in touch with a lab to do the water testing and to measure the flow rate.  Rick would like to get an extended flow rate for a month before and during the rainy season. Maria, the current mayor of Santo Domingo, is in the midst of an election campaign.  By May 25th, Nelly should have information on property ownership of the area around the perimeter of the dump.

Let me also introduce Fernando Bonilla and Carlos Leon Ramos of BOFISH, a company in Mexico which engages in fish-farming and hydroponics (aquaponics). They have a great website, Acuaponia.com 

Rick and Stan are working on a formal budget to support the emerging fundraising strategy.

Rick will host a Water for Humans Board meeting Saturday, May 22, 2010 at his home NE in Seattle starting at 4 pm. 

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