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Monday, May 24, 2010

Board meeting notes 22 May 2010

We held a Board meeting on Saturday afternoon May 22 to bring everyone in the organization up to speed on our progress and our challenges.  We had several members joined in person and a few more on the conference call.  Stan and I went over the history of the past year, including an overview of our two trips to Oaxaca.  We then spoke about the challenges and opportunities we are currently facing in trying to implement our sustainable sewage treatment system.  We hope to have a major announcement about this project in a month or so.

The conversation then moved to how to reshape our board and acquire more board members who are more experienced in nonprofit management and fundraising, along with more representation from the Hispanic community.  In addition, we are working on an overall marketing strategy, and a strategy to increase our sphere of influence with our donors and their friends.  Our goal is help our current donors to help us expand our network of supporters.

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