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Monday, May 4, 2009

Reduce Your Water Use!

It wasn´t long ago we were hopping on our bikes and breezing our way to work, unable to fork over the $4+ a gallon for gasoline. Maybe the sun had us feeling a little extra ambitious during the summer of 2008, but the climbing gas prices certainly didn´t hinder our motivation to bike.

What kind of scenario do we need to boost our conversation of water?
We may be aware of the daily methods to conserve water (things like flushing the toilet only when necessary, turning off the faucet while brushing our teeth and taking shorter showers) that can reduce our household´s water consumption and the utility bill.

What else can we do?

As posted recently on Water for the Ages, a water audit is a helpful way to determine our household´s water consumption and the steps we can take to reduce it. Try this online audit, or this one...

While you´re conducting your audit, think about the following: We require between five and 13 gallons/day for our basic needs. Typically, individuals in developed nations use at least 40 gallons per day each. It isn´t difficult to see why. We use on average one gallon of water/min washing dishes in the kitchen sink, five gallons every toilet flush (1.6 low-flow), and 25 gallons every five minutes in the shower.

Join me and many others in conducting an audit and taking a pledge to reduce our water use!

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Margaret "Meps" Schulte said...

Living on a boat, where we must personally carry aboard every ounce of fresh water we use, makes me extremely sensitive to this issue. Even including my use of shoreside facilities (washing machine, shower, and flush toilet), I would guess my daily consumption is less than 3 gallons per day.

I cringe when I see watch people turn on faucets and literally walk away from the sink with the water running!

I encourage all your readers to rethink their current usage of both water and petroleum products. In today's world, you can have it all -- a wonderful, quality lifestyle without being a resource hog on the planet.