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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let´s Start with Schools

One of our first priorities for the target communities we work in is to provide filters free to schools. Access to potable water will better students´ working environments, allowing them to focus on their studies while enjoying safe, clean drinking water. We also hope to educate students about water, sensitizing them to current issues and providing hands-on activities that teach solutions.

A great place to search for water education resources is Schools Water Portal, a Website founded by Arghyam that provides comprehensive, captivating and fun activities for school-aged children. And best of all, the dozens of materials on projects such as rainwater harvesting are FREE. Educators around the globe are encouraged to use the presentations, quizzes, plays, debate topics, water stories and more, all focused on water.

Arghyam´s history of developing water management programs, trainings and solutions is impressive. Check out its other comprehensive Websites, India Water Portal and India Sanitation Portal.

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