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Thursday, September 12, 2013



Water for Humans wants to thank all of our supporters for reaching a significant milestone:

You have donated $25,000!!!
Your generosity has helped introduce clean, sustainable water and sanitation solutions to the underserved in Mexico!!!

As we celebrate this noteworthy achievement, we would like to share what we have accomplished together and how we have helped hundreds of underserved people in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Fewer Floods, Fewer Droughts, Less Smoke, More Time. Because of you, we were able to complete a pilot project in the Mazateca area of Oaxaca, building two well-received cook stoves.  This project led to an order for eighty-nine more of our clean, efficient stoves in four underserved communities in this area of Mexico.  The stoves will significantly reduce deforestation, free up valuable time for the women and girls of these communities to take care of their families, and most importantly, dramatically reduce the families’ risk of respiratory disease from exposure to smoky indoor fires

Teaching Business Skills. Because of you, we were able to conduct  workshops to teach eighteen indigenous promoters how to build and promote the cook stoves. These eighteen community leaders will spread the technology while introducing much needed jobs into this impoverished part of Mexico.

Turning Waste into a Valuable Asset.  Because of you, we were able to complete a pilot project in the Mazateca area building two composting latrines. Besides providing a sanitary method of eliminating the spread of disease, these sustainable toilets also produce much needed, nutrient rich compost for the subsistence farmers throughout the area.

Make hay while the sun shines; collect water when it doesn’t. Because of you, we were able to complete a rainwater harvesting system pilot project in the Mazateca area. This system is saving enough water during the wet season to provide a family of nine with an adequate water supply during the dry season, enough to save the women and children from hiking three hours to obtain water from a distant source!

A strong, new partner. Because of you, we developed a great working relationship and formed strong bonds with The Hunger Project – Mexico, providing sustainable clean water, efficient cook stoves and improved sanitation to indigenous communities in Mexico.

Clean water for kids, money for schools. Because of you and a generous grant from The Rotary Club of Bremerton, we were able to provide a water filtration system for the Valentin Gomez Farias Elementary School in Santo Domingo Barrio Bajo Etla, in the Central Valley of Oaxaca. This system provides reliable, potable water for over 180 students and allows the school to buy critical school supplies instead of purchasing expensive potable water.

Connections for the future. Because of you, we were able to establish strong connections and build a partnership with the Institute for Nature and Society of Oaxaca (INSO).  INSO has been a critical partner for steering us in the right direction to realize our mission of designing and implementing low-cost, clean water and sanitation solutions to the underserved in Oaxaca. They have also provided us with valuable introductions to the leaders of Oaxaca’s public, private and academic water and sanitation organizations. These connections will be critical to the success of future projects.

Nelly, Our face in Oaxaca. Because of you, we were able to hire Nelly Fernandez Tellez to represent Water for Humans in Oaxaca, keeping our local projects on track when Rick and Stan are in Seattle.

Big-time face-time. Because of you, WFH was able to speak at the 2013 Global Tech Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.  In addition, Rick has been an invited speaker at the 2010 Global Washington annual conference, 2010 Annual Fulbright conference, Pacific Lutheran University Wang Center (2011) and the 2011 Oaxaca Water Forum. During all of these events, Rick was invited to share our work in Mexico with representatives from all over the world.

Expert advice and connections. Because of you, we were able to work with Dr. Firdaus Jhabvala, our expert for advice and guidance on constructed wetlands, Dr. Jhabvala was instrumental in getting us a consulting contract, with Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, on sustainability.

More Connections. Because of you, we were able to work with and form a relationship with Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca (UABJO).  At UABJO we worked with Chemistry professor Erik Martinez Torres who helped design and build a constructed wetland on campus. Not only is it treating campus wastewater every day, but it is used as a model for student and community/public instruction.

Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA). Because of you, we were able to spend time at the UMA campus exchanging business ideas, and networking with sustainable MBA students at Valle de Bravo (a few hours north of Mexico City). These relationships have proved very helpful in moving our programs forward.

The next generation. Because of you, we were able to accept a volunteer intern, Jacob Cantor.  Jacob spent over two weeks working with us in the field and the office, experiencing, first-hand, the hard lessons of working in a developing country. Besides practicing his Spanish, engaging in meaningful conversations about social justice and social entrepreneurship, and expanding his reading list on sustainability, Jacob helped edit our ‘La Mazateca’ Cook Stove Manual. We are happy Jacob expressed an interest in rejoining us in the future—we look forward to using his services as an interpreter.

So, thank-you very much.  With your support, we have completed all these projects, made these important connections and helped so many people.  Because of you, Water For Humans is ready to build on our success, continue to learn, continue to grow and move up to the next level.

¡Muchas Gracias!
Rick and Stan

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