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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Susan flies home to the US

Monday Feb 8th
This was Susan’s last day in Oaxaca for this trip.  We had what we would call a typical day at the office.  Stan and Nelly started working on our presentation for the Water Forum (on Friday), and I helped Susan write a few letters and post our last blog entry.  We all broke for lunch about 2:30 and it was “Susan’s choice.”  The place she wanted to go was closed, however Nelly directed us to a great place we had not been to yet.  Stan, Susan, and I returned to our casa for a short siesta then some afternoon work. Susan went for a long walk about Oaxaca to enjoy her last afternoon here. Susan has as always been very helpful in getting us around and translating for us.  Stan and I would not go hungry but we would surly not eat as well, and get lost a lot more often.  Every trip her skills improve.

Tuesday Feb 9th
Susan caught a cab at about 7am for her flight back to the states on Tuesday morning.  I know she will be happy to be home, as she has been away from home since the beginning of January. Prior to meeting up with Stan and I, she spent several weeks in New Orleans LA, working on building some houses and came directly from there to Oaxaca to join us.  Stan and I had a typical work day and awaited the arrival of Judith (my wife) and her cousin Peter.  They arrived about 10:30pm after a long day of travel.

Wednesday 10 Feb
Stan was off to INSO a little before 9am after his normal morning run.  I worked from the casa as I was waiting for Peter and Jude to rise.  Once Jude and Peter were up and going we had a quick breakfast and then off to the office.  We stopped by the Mango lady for formal introductions and our daily load of fresh fruit.  Peter and Jude went exploring Oaxaca while Stan, Nelly and I worked.  We are having a busy (good kind of busy) last full week in Oaxaca with several meetings scheduled for Thursday and the water forum on Friday.  We will travel back to Mexico City on the 16 via the bus to catch our flights out to the US on the 17th.

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