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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Full suite of Board Members

We have now assembled a full suite of Board members and advisers to guide us. We would like to welcome the following members to our Board and advisory Council:

Board Members

Brian C. Setzler, CPA, MBA - Accounting and Finance

James Fox, Ph.D. Founder - Custom, Pure The Water Store

Hector Seaz, Ph.D. Professor - Western Washington University, Political Economics

Jeannette Diaz-Laplante, Ph.D. Professor - Saybrook Graduate School, University of Phoenix, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Social Justice, Community Development, Research Methodology and Sustainability

Susan Bolton, Ph.D. Professor - University of Washington, Forest Resources Adj. Prof., Civil & Environmental Eng. and School of Fisheries, Center for Water & Watershed Studies, Advisor; Engineers Without Boarders.

April Atwood, Ph.D. Professor - University of Washington, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Marketing

Craig Nakagawa, MBA Village Reach - Director of Social Enterprise


Gifford Pinchot III Founder - Bainbridge Graduate Institute

David Green - Ashoka Fellow

Paul Hudnut, Ph.D., J.D. Professor - Colorado State University & Bainbridge Graduate Institute Professor, Entrepreneurship, Founder – Enviorfit

Jim Poss, MBA Professor - BGI, Entrepreneurship, Founder - BigBelly Solar

Richard Watkins, J.D. Non-profit legal

Sabrina Watkins, MBA - Strategy, Organizational Intelligence

David Stewart Ph.D - P.E. Stewart Engineering Denver, CO - Water treatment systems

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